About us

The Badger Amateur Radio Society – W9YT – is the amateur radio club at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  The FCC-issued callsign, W9YT, now held by the Badger Amateur Radio Society (aka BARS) has been in use at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1930.

W9YT operates the following repeaters:

146.685 MHz with a PL of 123.0Hz The location of this repeater is atop Van Hise hall, the tallest building in Madison.

443.600 MHz with a PL of 123.0Hz.  This repeater also has Echolink capbility in addition to being a DMR node on the Brandmeister network and is also YSF capable.

The shack is in the penthouse on top of the Engineering Research Building. This puts the antennas up about 240 feet.  From the shack we have HF, VHF and UHF capabilities for terrestrial and satellite operation.

The shack also has test equipment for use by club members, such as signal generators, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes.  Common workbench tools are also available.

The club also has a social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter.  Please join us there for additional comments and pictures.